How many times have you come across people saying, "There is a party coming up next week, I need to go on a crash diet to fit into my favorite clothes"? It can't get more ridiculous than that. Are party times the only occasions when you need to lose weight and look appealing? Does that mean you can indulge yourself at other times and look unimpressive? It is okay to groom yourself - with facials, manicure, pedicure, hair styling etc. - when a big event is around the corner, but looking to lose pounds "just in time" sounds silly, if nothing else.

A metaphor for weight loss

A metaphor for weight loss

The point is, you have to be slim and trim for your own sake and for your good health and not only for the benefit of onlookers! And, if you thought crash diets will make you lose pounds and make you look perfect overnight, you are woefully mistaken. At the most, you might lose some weight but you will look jaded, listless and lusterless on the day of the big event. Thus, the best way to lose some unwanted weight is not to go on starving mode or work out till you drop dead, but to strike a harmonious balance between food and exercise. A very effective way of losing weight and staying healthy is known as metabolic cooking.

The best thing to do in the circumstances would be to eat healthy and work out sensibly to lose the oodles of fat tissues gained over time. First and foremost, you must steer clear of fad diets that make tall claims. The results you see after fad diets do not last long enough. There are better and healthier options and the best time to start is right now. One good meal plan is outlined at

We all know that our body uses the food we eat for energy generation and any excess amount is stored as body fat. Understandably, you must eat only what is needed to be used as energy and do plenty of exercises to lose those fat deposits.  That is why you would have come across health experts telling you to integrate your exercises with your food intake to lose weight. Logically, you must eat a little less than what you normally eat and you must work out a little more than what you normally do in order to shed unwanted fat.

Follow this regimen to ensure a non-fattening food intake:

  • Increase your intake of wholegrain foods, fruits and vegetables so that you feel full.
  • Have plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Remove tempting and junk foods out of your sight. Do not use sugar in your coffee or tea.
  • Try to stay occupied - do not eat because you feel bored.
  • Eat from your plate at the dining table and avoid looking at other unhealthy varieties.
  • Avoid skipping meals. Avoid second helpings during meal time and cut down your alcohol intake.
  • Make a note of what you are eating and have positive attitude while eating.
  • Try to eat at the same time every day. Irregular eating habits can upset your metabolism and your weight loss mission could suffer.

There are a number of ways to improve your physical activity level:

  • If you do not like going to the gym, take up cycling, walking, running or swimming instead.
  • Avoid driving and indulge in walking more for most of your routine tasks.
  • Use stairs instead of the elevator and while travelling by a bus or any other transport, include a walking regimen into it.
  • While watching TV, try doing some simple exercises during commercial breaks. You could even use the exercise bike while not missing your favorite program.
  • Follow all the above simple rules and you are on your way to losing weight effectively without losing your health.





When you're asking yourself the question "how do I start body building?" the important thing is to think through the question carefully. After all, if you don't, you could seriously hurt your body in the process. You really need to check with a physician, when it comes to making any major changes to your body after all. Here are a few tips to get you started.

The first thing you need to do is locate a gym that will allow you to shape your body in the way you want. It's important in how you pick your gym, because it will affect everything that you do afterwards. There are a lot of important things to consider when trying to find a gym. For example, you need to consider the atmosphere, the price, and so on.

Female bodybuilder

Each gym is different, and each gym will be more or less welcome to different types of bodybuilders. It also helps to keep a record of how you're doing. You can measure yourself at each step of the way in terms of how much you weigh, how you feel, what is the size of your biceps, waist, and so on. This can go a long way to helping you see how you're doing, and feel motivated by it. You can't beat individual scores if you don't know what those scores are to begin with, after all.

When it comes to nutrition, it's essential that you get enough protein and that you build out your muscles in the proper way. This can also often mean building your bulk through the use of supplements to give your body the proper nutrients, and through an anabolic meal program, and material it needs to grow enough. Additionally, it can really help to make sure that you sleep enough. Your body needs time to build up the muscle that you are telling it that it needs by breaking down those muscles constantly, after all. Once you do this properly, the muscles will grow, but only if you give your body enough time and the right resources to make sure this growing actually happens. It turns out there is a real art to doing a bodybuilding program with the best supporting nutrition. See a review of this technique at . A typical bodybuilding meal plan needs to be planned out days ahead of time, with a breakdown of protein, carbohydrates, calories and the timing of these  meals. Sometimes 6 meals a day have to be considered during such a program.